Sustainable Landscaping


It seems that the word “Sustainable” has become a buzz word to sanitize the new type of proper landscaping.  Enviroscape has been installing “sustainable” landscapes for 30 years.  To us, “Sustainable” means…..Living today without borrowing from tomorrow!  Sustainability  is also a catch word to imply many different things.  To us, sustainability means using landscape materials which are longer lasting and require less maintenance than conventional materials.  A good example is the use of drip irrigation Vs. conventional spray heads.  The drip will last as long as a conventional system and has the added bonus of saving water, which, in turn, saves the homeowner money.  Using native plants also requires less water than conventional landscapes and less maintenance is required, thus saving costs in water and labor!

Sustainable landscaping practices can produce beautiful landscapes and significant economic and environmental benefits , reducing maintenance costs, water, and fertilizer while protecting the environment.

Finished product. This is a native garden which surrounds a water garden. The native plants save water and the water garden provides a natural habitat for wild things like hummingbirds and butterflys! It doesn’t get any better than drawing nature to your backyard and saving water at the same time.

 Permeable driveway