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Making it rain

Lawn and Landscape Magazine Drip Irrigation Three contractors in drought-stricken California share how they’ve successfully marketed their irrigation services – and how you can, too. Though California has been plagued by drought, some forward-thinking contractors have found that the key to successfully selling drip irrigation services is to emphasize water conservation. Marketing water management has helped these businesses thrive, even during the economic collapse, and it’s a lesson

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Aquaponics Splashes into the Pond World

Enviroscape LA Manhattan Beach, Los Angeles California landscape contractor pond builder

Aquaponics offers a new wave of sustainability for koi and pond fish hobbyists. (Courtesy of The Aquaponic Source) A new world is emerging from the established pond world: Aquaponics. Many koi hobbyists flush water from their ponds weekly. Much of this water ends up going down the drain. Rather than flushing nutrient-rich water away, why not find a use for this water? The answer to this question resulted

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Water Features

I recently had the privilege of interviewing award-winning landscape architect and water feature installer Rhadiante Van de Voorde, founder of Elemental Design Group in San Francisco. Her business is more than 20 years old and has won numerous state and national awards for design and installation. Every business has been hit by the recession, and Van de Voorde’s business is no exception. When asked how she keeps

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About Enviroscape LA Landscaping

Enviroscape founder Mike Garcia began his career in the horticultural field more than 30 years ago. After earning his college degree in Ornamental Horticulture, he earned his C-27 Landscape Contractors license and his D-49 Tree Service Contractors license. Under his leadership, Enviroscape has won numerous landscape and water feature awards at the local, state national and international levels. Some of these include awards from the California Landscape

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