Monthly archive for March 2011

South Bay Water-Wise Garden Tour

The Water Wise Garcia Garden Mike Garcia’s water wise garden was created back in 2004. The front yard consists of climate appropriate plants which include: Cycads, Guara, anemone, scheflera, protea. A variety of pondless waterfalls grace the front yard. These save water by not allowing an open space of water to evaporate. Water is drawn from an underground cistern. The backyard has a Koi pond, and waterfalls and also houses

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Water Saving Irrigation & Rain Water Harvesting

New FREE Spring Classes on the first Saturday of each month! Want to conserve some of that “free” water that pours out of the sky?  Learn about rain barrels and water saving containment systems and see  how they can be used to catch rainwater for future use, such as drip irrigation or to feed a waterfall.  Also learn about the latest in water conserving irrigation products such

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