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Organic Garden that Recycles Water | EnviroscapeLA Landscaping Los Angeles

Organic Gardening Redondo Beach EnviroscapeLA

It seems the the perfect storm has arrived in California, if not most of North America.  The biggest environmental disaster facing the American south west is drought.  The south west never had water in the first place.  The single biggest consumer of energy in California is feeding the pumps which push water over mountain to quench the thirst of southern California, to the tune of over one

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Mike Garcia, sustainable Landscape Contractor and Founder of EnviroscapeLA Los Angeles California

As a young boy, EnviroscapeLA Founder Mike Garcia developed a fascination with nature which guided him to graduate college in the field of Environmental Horticulture.  After his formal education, Mike went on to found EnviroscapeLA, a sustainable landscape construction firm specializing in green solutions in the landscape and building Japanese Koi ponds.  EnviroscapeLA’s work has been featured in numerous magazines and television shows and has been the

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