Monthly archive for October 2015

Lawn Rebates….Good for California?

Thinking of tearing out your lawn?  Read this first! In in effort to save water, many Californians are taking advantage of lawn removal rebates, where the water company will pay you $2-$4.00 per square foot, to remove lawn and replace with native plants or synthetic lawn.  Hundreds of Millions of dollars have already been given out.  If this program continues to succeed, what will be the net

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El Nino, Trees and Drought

As a little boy, my earliest memories include climbing big trees and even building a tree house!  Nothing is more fun and adventurous than climbing or picnicking under a big tree.  Aside form the fun aspects, trees trap bad air and in return, give us fresh air.  Trees are also a source of food by giving us fruit.  Their leaves can be composted, which is the best

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