Monthly archive for January 2016

Saving Water: Simple ways to hold on to the rain

With El Niño-related storms providing much-needed rain, why let it go down the drain? Angelenos can tap into the age-old practice of rainwater harvesting, a process that saves both water and money. Homeowners will have several opportunities this month to learn how to capture rainwater as experts and agencies gear up for a wet winter ahead. Techniques involve constructing property berms and swales (ditches built on the contour

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El Niño is Here. Are you Prepared?

I live and work doing landscape construction in Southern California. California has just survived our worst drought in history. We really need the rain and have looked to the time when that precious water would fall from the sky. Many hope that the weather event called “El Niño” would come and save us. The news media outlets have done a great job at educating us and keeping

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