Monthly archive for December 2016

The Lowdown on Drip and Low-Volume Irrigation

Low-volume and drip irrigation components deliver water at slower rates but targeted to the right places. They use less water and are much better for plant material than conventional irrigation. Drip irrigation—the choice of a new generation? The demand for drip irrigation is growing. According to one contractor, a new group of homeowners is leading the charge. “Over the past five years or so, a new, very savvy bunch

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Micro Farming Los Angeles

Vertical Garden – Aeroponic Micro Farming Enviroscape LA Mike Garcia, Landscape Design Contractor, Certified Pond Builder, Health Coach and Sustainability Expert. Founder of Enviroscape LA  Landscaping Phone: (310) 374-1199 Redondo Beach, South Bay, California

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The Save a Tree Challenge California is currently experiencing the worst drought in over 1500 years.  The result of this drought, which is now entering its sixth year, is devastating to natural habitats, which make California such a unique and special place to live.  The tree population, in particular, has been hit extremely hard.  The Los Angeles Times wrote that at last count, over 102 million trees

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