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Sustainability or Regeneration?

Manhattan Beach Pier, Enviroscape LA Landscaping Contractor

As I was working on my computer, I heard the doggie door slam and knew my cat “Soffee” was soon to join me on the couch.  I noticed her coming…with something in her mouth.  She brought me a “present”, there it was, trying to get away, or rather, slide away, she brought me a good sized alligator lizard!  I didn’t want to get bit, so I began taking off

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Urban Food Forests

Where does our food come from? To a large extent, our health depends upon the answer to this question. You see, most foodbought in the supermarket is days and weeks old.Prepackaged food may be older. Once a fruit or vegetable hasbeen picked, there are no longer antioxidants and nutrientsbeing pumped into the food. Once picked, the fruit or veggiebegins the process of decay and eventually its nutrients returnback

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Earth Month Interview with Mike Garcia of Enviroscape LA

Mike Garcia Enviroscape LA

Kim Lewand Martin interviews Mike Garcia of Enviroscape L.A.     As you know, this month our Everyday Eco-Habit is Going Water-LESS Outdoors. As the Landscape Design Coordinator for Enviroscape LA, what would you recommend for our Everyday People to do to help reduce their water usage Outdoors?   The one big take-a-way that everyone can do TODAY is to plant a Native plant. If your yard

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LA Landscape Awards

Winners and their pictures of the LA Landscape Awards Ceremony for residential and commercial landscaping design and construction jobs as well as water features, lighting and tree pruning.  CATEGORY:EDUCATIONAL WATER FEATURE 1ST PLACE Company: Enviroscape LAWebsite: enviroscapela.comPhone: 310-374-1199Project Name: Redondo Union High School CATEGORY:HUMANITARIAN AWARD Company: Enviroscape LAWebsite: enviroscapela.comPhone: 310-374-1199Project Name: S.T.E.M. Education at Play Mike Garcia,Landscape Design Contractor, Certified Pond Builder,Health Coach and Sustainability Expert.Founder of Enviroscape LA 

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Advanced Permaculture Design Certification

Mike Garcia completed course work and has earned his Advanced Permaculture Design Certification from the Matt Powers Advanced Permaculture Design Institute.  This certification is a collection of regenerative solutions and pathways, which enable participants to partner with, and learn how to see our world through the lens of nature.  Learning was enhanced by over 65 expert instructors from around the world and include subject soil science, mycology,

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