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Sustainability in the New California

California’s Mega-Drought California is known as the “Golden State” because it seems to have it all. Beautiful weather, beautiful people, abundant jobs, food and fun. Seems the scene is quickly changing! California has faced many challenges in the past, but never the likes of the current situation which stands to brings things to a screeching halt. What challenging situation could cause the shine of gold to fade

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California Drought And What You Can Do

Normally, bathtub rings are a good sign.  They mean that somebody has taken a bath and nothing is better than the feeling of a clean body.  As much as we love the sign of a bathtub ring, the same is not true of the “Bath tub” rings in a water supply reservoir. The water company keeps lots of water in reservoirs, and draws upon these as there

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Los Angeles Aeroponics

Organic gardening manhattan beach

[fusion_text] Grow good health with Aeroponics Grow your own organic vegetables, fruits, herbs and flowers EnviroscapeLA Founder Mike Garcia talks about the many reasons why Aeroponics organic gardening is far superior to anything else which grows seed to salad in less than a month.  A professional in Los Angeles gives organic gardening two thumbs up!!! Put a farmer’s market on your back porch Tower Garden® is a

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