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Rainwater Diversion – Enviroscape LA

Enviroscape LA Rainwater harvesting

One of Los Angeles’ biggest environmental challenges is rainwater. Lack of it and yet, when it falls, it carries all the pollution on our roofs and streets to the ocean. Modern society, with all its advances in science, medicine and health can not seem to come up with something to magically cure the problem we have created and that is killing our ocean. In the beginning, it

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Who is paying for lawn removal rebates? Is there a better way?

Drip Irrigation Manhattan Beach EnviroscapeLA

California is undergoing the worst drought of modern times. Many native Californians were under the impression that since water was relatively inexpensive and was always readily available, why was there a need to save water? There is an old saying that “you do not understand the value of water, until the well runs dry”. This is proving true in California. Governor Brown issues an historic mandate calling

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Sustainability in the New California

California’s Mega-Drought California is known as the “Golden State” because it seems to have it all. Beautiful weather, beautiful people, abundant jobs, food and fun. Seems the scene is quickly changing! California has faced many challenges in the past, but never the likes of the current situation which stands to brings things to a screeching halt. What challenging situation could cause the shine of gold to fade

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