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Pollinator Gardens Role in Saving the Planet

What are Pollinators and what role do they play in helping keep our planet in balance?  Pollinators are bugs, birds and any creature that aids and assists in the pollination of plants.  Why is this so important?  Nature has set-up an intricate system of check and balances.   All plants (like people) do age and die.  If plants did not reproduce, they would die out in one generation. 

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Drainage and Hard Rains

California friendly Garden Many in southern California have completely changed their former lawn dominated yards into drought tolerant or “California Friendly” gardens.  This entailed ripping out all or most of the grass with surfaces like decomposed granite (DG) or laying down different sizes of gravel.  This type of landscape works well in southern California, until heavy rains begin to fall, as happened last week.  Why the surprise? When

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Rainwater Diversion Explained

Rainwater Diversion in Los Angeles Drive Way The ultimate Rainwater Diversion project is diverting rainwater underneath the driveway and this is explained by Enviroscape LA Founder Mike Garcia. Enviroscape LA offers environmental friendly, sustainable Landscape Design and Installation of Low Water Use native Garden, Waterfalls and Ponds. Installation of Drip Irrigation and Rainwater Harvesting Systems in Los Angeles, CA.   Sustainable Landscape Contractor Los Angeles Enviroscape LA is located in the

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Rainwater Diversion – Enviroscape LA

Enviroscape LA Rainwater harvesting

One of Los Angeles’ biggest environmental challenges is rainwater. Lack of it and yet, when it falls, it carries all the pollution on our roofs and streets to the ocean. Modern society, with all its advances in science, medicine and health can not seem to come up with something to magically cure the problem we have created and that is killing our ocean. In the beginning, it

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Is this global warming, or climate change?

California drought Enviroscape la

How To Save Water in the California Drought Now The American Southwest is experiencing long-term climate change. Temperatures are rising and rainfall in the region are decreasing.  The largest water reservoir in the state of California is….the snow on our mountains!  When winter snows descend upon the mountains, this snow melts in warmer months and provides us with a steady, dependable flow of much needed water in

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California Drought And What You Can Do

Normally, bathtub rings are a good sign.  They mean that somebody has taken a bath and nothing is better than the feeling of a clean body.  As much as we love the sign of a bathtub ring, the same is not true of the “Bath tub” rings in a water supply reservoir. The water company keeps lots of water in reservoirs, and draws upon these as there

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Backyard Landscape Design Project Videos

EnviroscapeLA – Landscape Design and Installation of sustainable Low Water Use native Garden Design, Waterfalls, Fountains and Ponds. Drip Irrigation Installation and Rainwater Harvesting Systems, Los Angeles.   Mike Garcia, Landscape Design Contractor & Certified Pond Builder Phone: (310) 374-1199 Email : Founder  of Enviroscape L.A. Landscaping, Redondo Beach, Ca 90278 South Bay, California      

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Ponds and Waterfalls

  Mike Garcia, Landscape Design Contractor & Certified Pond Builder Phone: (310) 374-1199 Email : Founder of EnviroscapeLA  Landscaping, Manhattan Beach, LA South Bay, California Landscape Design and Installation of Low Water Use native Garden, Waterfalls and Ponds. Drip Irrigation, Rainwater Harvesting . Your Gardening Guide in the Los Angeles South Bay Area, CA.

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EnviroscapeLA Watergarden Videos

Los Angeles based Landscape Design Contractor and certified Pond Builder Mike Garcia, Founder of EnviroscapeLA  landscaping talks  in his  Youtube Videos   about how to build a sustainable backyard pond Watergarden in just One Day. This took the experienced Enviroscape crew one day to build and the infrastructure (By ProEco Products) is the world’s most sustainable, saving the homeowner lots of $$ in electricity costs.      

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