Los Angeles Times: Pool converted into a water-wise tropical garden

Manhattan Beach gets put on the map in the world of water conservation. The biggest improvement of this system over ones done overseas is the costs in energy. Rainwater harvesting systems in the past, would fill the tanks up with city water when the rain water ran out.

This water had to use electricity to pump the city water into the drip irrigation system. The new improvement is two-fold: using the world’s most energy efficient pump from ProEco products and a ProEco auto fill which allows the irrigation system to switch over to city water when the system runs low in the summer time, thus avoiding running the pump for irrigation. The system is expected to irrigate the garden with rain water for 10 months of the year. Once the system runs out, Instead of sending that tap water below ground to the rain tanks, where it would need to be pumped out with electricity, the system is controlled with a Pro Eco Products “brain” that keeps the water above ground, drawing utility water directly into a sprinkler valve that supplies the drip lines.


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