Couple turns pool into sustainable tropical paradise

Rainwater Harvesting EnviroscapeLA Manhattan BeachDina Cramer wanted to turn the barely used Los Angeles backyard pool into a green native garden with a fountain, waterfall, and a creek.  She and her husband, Irl, both retirees, mentioned it to Mike Garcia, founder of Enviroscape L.A. when he came by to trim their trees.  Mike Garcia recommended the Manhattan Beach couple, who have grown children, to turn the pool into a rainwater-harvesting garden. They already had the hole in the ground, he noted, which is usually the greatest expense for a rainwater garden.  The EnviroscapeLA Crew made their dream come true. the barely used swimming pool was converted into a  is stunningly beautiful native water garden paradise with fountains, a stream, waterfalls, and gorgeous native plants.
afterRainwater Harvesting EnviroscapeLA Mike Garcia
Mike Garcia EnviroscapeLA landscaping Los Angeles

Mike Garcia,
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