Experience the Benefits of Rainwater Harvesting Systems

I wondered how we would enjoy this summer without our swimpond. We recently filled in our pool with rainwater harvesting tanks designed to save rainwater. We will use the saved rainwater harvesting system for irrigation water as needed. We kept the koi pond, and recently replaced the swimpond with a rainwater harvesting system. Two benefits of replacing our swim-pond with a rainwater harvesting system are lower monthly costs and a larger outdoor living area for entertaining. Rainwater harvesting system Los Angeles by Enviroscape LA landscapingThe transformation process took a while, as the learning curve always calls for more time. After installing the tanks and adding the geotextile fabric, we put about 12 inches of soil on top of the fabric and laid flagstone down with Flexi-Pave as a type of permeable grout.

This project doubled our living area for entertaining. We can now comfortably fit about 100 people in our back yard.

I installed the rainwater harvesting system to do the right thing by saving water. In addition to gaining extra space Enviroscape LA Rainwater harvesting system Redondo beach, CA.for entertaining, I save about $200 a month by not running the old pool pump, and I no longer contribute to water loss through evaporation. Word has spread quickly and I am receiving requests from municipalities and water districts for tours on how to install a rainwater harvesting system in a back yard. This technology is nothing new. People are interested in novelties, but I think rainwater harvesting is here to stay.

We recently installed our first rainwater diversion system under a driveway. This works on the same principle as a rainwater harvesting system, but without the liner. The rainwater diversion system keeps rainwater from the roof out of the ocean. Pond contractors are natural for this kind of rainwater harvesting work.

Are you seeking out this type of rainwater harvesting work? We would love to hear from you.

Mike Garcia
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Founder of Enviroscape LA Landscaping in Redondo Beach
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