Fear of Drought is GOOD

California Draught. EnviroscapeLA Drip IrrigationSeems the light has finally gone on with the media regarding the Epic drought which is affecting over half the United Stated.  A new record was set this year for least amount of rainfall in Los Angeles and the snowpack from which we get much of our water is only at 18% of normal.  Should we be worried? Yes.  Is there something we can do? Yes!!
It seems that the media is interviewing decision makers and there is a recurring theme…”We don’t want to cause a panic, we don’t want people to be fearful”.  I would like to analyze this statement.  First of all, human history is filled with data to show that every civilization on our planet grew in size due to the ability to have access to drinkable water.  When water wells dried up, so did civilization.  It’s not rocket science.  No water means no people.  We CAN NOT live without water.

Let’s look at not wanting people to have fear of running out of water.  Is fear a bad emotion?  It can be.  Fear is best utilized when we realize it is there to serve us, and acts as a motivator to move us to action.  As an example, let’s look at fire.  We use fire everyday.  Do we fear fire?  We should have a “Healthy Fear” of fire, or rather a fear of it’s misuse.  The same can be said for water.  We use it everyday and it is there to serve us.  We need to develop a “Healthy Fear” of the misuse of water.  How is water most often misused?  By antiquated and inefficient sprinkler systems.

Some cities are enforcing a new law that you can only water on even or odd days of the week, depending on your address.  As a professional designer of sprinkler systems, I would call this a rather barbaric approach to water conservation.  Here’s why:  If your sprinkler system is overshooting its target and shooting water in the street and sidewalk, YOU ARE STILL WASTING WATER!

Subsurface Drip Irrigation installed by EnviroscapeLA

Subsurface Drip Irrigation installed by EnviroscapeLA

A better and modern approach to saving water through sprinklers is to make your current irrigation system as efficient as possible.  This is done by tuning up your current irrigation system or possibly upgrading to Rain Bird Drip Irrigation.  The goal of an irrigation system is to water the root zone of plant materials.   A drip irrigation system is located at the root level, so when it water, it is hitting its target 100% of the time.  And with drip, there is no run off or misting.  There is even drip irrigation for lawns!  If there was ever a time for us to band together to make a difference, the time is now.

Sustainability is living today without borrowing from tomorrow.  Let’s all do are part to create the Sustainable World we wish to be a part of and save water.  After all, our best source of water is….CONSERVATION!


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