Flexi Pave

Sustainable Trail Solutions

Among the many reasons to install a Flexi-Pave driveway, is the fact that rather than polluted stormwater going to the ocean, the Flexi-Pave allows storm water to seep into the ground, NOT THE OCEAN!  See photos.

Rainwater from the raingutter makes its way to the driveway, picking up motor oil, then going to the ocean. Lots of rain means the killing of our ocean.


The truck’s front wheels are on the shiny bright concrete, which allow water to travel. The back wheeks rest on permeable Flexi-Pave, which allows rainwater to go back to the Earth, rather than travel to the ocean, taking chemicals and oil with it.

Notice this driveway is dry, due to Flexi-Pave’s permeable ability to allow rain water to soak into the Earth, rather than carry polluted storm water to the Ocean.
Flexi-Pave is strong enough to park on, yet it allows thousands of gallons of rain water per hour to go back to the Earth.


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