The heart of a low voltage system is the low voltage Transformer box. 
The job of the low voltage transformers is to “transform” or reduce high voltage to low voltage, which make your low voltage fixtures safer and less expensive to use. The secret to a good transformer is simple.  The larger the “core” the safer the transformer.  Some manufacturers build transformers with smaller cores and these may overheat if too much of a load demand is placed upon them.  We use FX Luminaire transformers, as they were the first to market the Multi-Tap transformer to the landscape industry over a decade ago. Since that time they have led the industry with safe innovative products that are reliable and easy to use. FX transformers include many patent pending features and are assembled in-house for the ultimate in quality control. 

FX Luminaire produces the world’s safest transformer. 
It’s features include the items below

  • UL 1838 Standard Compliant         
  • Great Factory / Distributor Support      
  • All Stainless Steel Construction    
  • Open Switching Control Architecture          
  • Field Replaceable Timer and Photocell           
  • Monster Size Terminal Block         
  • Clear Block Panel