The palms of the desert!

Encephalartos  is a genus of cycad native to Africa. Cycads are an ancient kind of plant defined as a “living fossil.” One of the most popular cycads for the home is the Sago palm. The Sago palm is not actually related to palms, although it has a similar shape.

It is the proper type of “palm”tree for the beach. It is really not a palm, but looks like one. It comes from the hottest sahara in Africa and is extremely drought tolerant. Perfect for our Beach climate! Cycads are remarkable living sculptures. Striking architectural plants that add a distinctive touch to a garden.

These plants are from the prehistoric age and get along great without fertilizer. We apply raw compost to encourage the ecto mychorhizzae.

Sago makes a nice backdrop to a pond

It’s not a Fern… It’s not a Palm…
It’s a Cycad!
Cycads are drought-tolerant and environmentally friendly. They need little water to thrive in a garden.








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When you grow a cycad, you preserve an endangered species. You are part of a worldwide preservation movement, ensuring survival of plants threatened in the wild. Cycads are living fossils. Rare plants that have survived over 200 million years, since the time of the dinosaurs, before flowering plants existed.







 Sago complement the native garden.


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