California Birds

California is an amazing place for bird watching. The varied terrain and multiple micro-climates (coastal, mountain, old-growth forests, and more) provide habitats for thousands of year-round and migratory species. Perhaps none delights the birder more with their bright colors and beautiful music as the songbirds.


Hummingbirds represent one of nature’s most interesting paradoxes — they are the tiniest of birds, yet they qualify as some of the toughest and most energetic creatures on the planet. Knowledge gained from scientists currently making great breakthroughs in hummingbird biology makes this a perfect time to focus on these shimmering, flashing jewels of the natural world. Beautiful high-definition, high-speed footage of hummingbirds in the wild, combined with high-tech presentations of their remarkable abilities, help viewers to understand the world of hummingbirds as never before.


California Wild Birds

Learn how to attract colorful birds to your yard.
such as  bluebirds, warblers, orioles, tanagers, goldfinches, grosbeaks


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