Lawn Rebates….Good for California?

Thinking of tearing out your lawn?  Read this first!

In in effort to save water, many Californians are taking advantage of lawn removal rebates, where the water company will pay you $2-$4.00 per square foot, to remove lawn and replace with native plants or synthetic lawn.  Hundreds of Millions of dollars have already been given out.  If this program continues to succeed, what will be the net result to our environment?   Many have already replaced their lawns with gravel.  This is having a heating effect on Los Angeles.  Gravel as ground cover is just not the direction we should be taking for lawn replacementfuture landscaping in Los Angeles.  Gravel does nothing for soil enhancement.  Gravel heats up the soil.  Have you ever tried removing weeds from gravel?  Albeit, gravel is permeable, yet it it scores low on the aesthetic scale, when compared to native plants and lawns.  
Fake lawns also rate low on the list of Sustainable landscaping.  Synthetic lawns are a product of petroleum and due to this foundation, they actually heat up hotter than gravel.  Did you know that when temperatures rise to 100 degrees, the ground underneath a fake lawn will rise to over 140 degrees!  
Water rebates are there for those who replace their lawns with gravel or fake grass, but, is there a better way?  

Did you know that sod producers have been working very hard to produce a “NATIVE LAWN”, that’s right, a lawn that reduces water consumption by over 50%!  And when coupled with sub surface drip irrigation,the saving are even greater.  Did you know that 250 square feet of lawn produces enough oxygen for a family of four?  Nothing replaces the feel of real grass under your feet.  And on a hot day, a temperature reading of 100 degrees, real grass cools the soil temperature to just 80 degrees!  
What is boils down to is this:  Lawns are not the issue.  Lawns are not the villain.  Overwater is not something lawns do, it is something people do.  As a society, we must take responsibility for our actions and turn off our sprinkler timers when it rains and learn to adjust the time up or down ad the weather changes.
Water purveyors have yet to give rebates for native lawns,  but our vision for a future society must rise higher than the limited vision of utilities and local authorities.  Let us make the world of tomorrow a better place by saying “NO” to what is not in the best interests of our environment and say “Yes” to responsible landscaping.

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