Pollinator Gardens Role in Saving the Planet

What are Pollinators and what role do they play in helping keep our planet in balance?  Pollinators are bugs, birds, and any creature that aids and assists in the pollination of plants.  Why is this so important?  Nature has set up an intricate system of checks and balances.   All plants (like people) do age and die.  If plants did not reproduce

, they would die out in one generation.  Fortunately, nature made sure that plants have helpers to assist in their reproduction efforts and these helpers are called “Pollinators”.  How does this system work?  When a bee or butterfly drinks nectar from a plant

, some of the pollen of that plant attaches to the bee or butterfly and this pollen goes (by means of the traveling bee or butterfly) to its next plant host.  This results in flowers that turn into fruit and we eat the resulting fruit and the plant is thus, able to reproduce. 

Plant reproduction is perhaps the biggest challenge facing mankind due to the death of millions of birds and bees each year which results from man-made pollution and chemical herbicides and pesticides.  We have also driven out these precious pollinators from the only home they have known. 

According to the USDA, over 60% of the US population lived in rural areas in the year 1900.  By 1950, this number had decreased to 36% and this number sank to a mere 17.4% in the year 2000.  About 83% of the U.S. population live in cities or suburbs. 

The World Conservation Union estimates that 12% of all bird species are threatened with extinction because of habitat loss and invasive species. 

If the pollinators die

, they are taking us with them!  We must modify the places where we work and live to meet our needs and those of the pollinators or else all species of native wildlife will disappear forever!  Pollinators are regional, meaning they have adapted to the part of the world in which they live.  The easiest way we can encourage pollinator life is to stop using harmful chemical herbicides and pesticides and to plant native gardens.  Native gardens do not need very much water to live and pollinators are drawn to them like magnets. 

Foodscaping is landscaping your yard with fruit trees and veggie gardens.  These, too, bring in the pollinators, and you get food!  What a bargain!  For more information

, please check out our informational resources regarding sustainable and native gardens at  www.EnviroscapeLA.com

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