Whether it is a small container of water on a deck or patio serving as home to a few plants and water creatures or a more elaborate mix of waterfalls, fountains, rock-work, and lighting, the water garden can be a lovely, spirit-soothing addition to one’s property – a place to unwind, relax, and escape the cares of the world.

Having trouble deciding whether to build a Koi Pond or Water Garden,
Who says you can not have both?

In the world of ponds, some say that a Koi Pond and Water Garden are one and the same.  For purposes of definition, we will separate the two since the intent of each is not the same and both have more differences than similarities. Water Gardens are generally 2″ deep or less. Koi Pond Manhattan Beach EnviroscapeLAThey employ liner technology rather then concrete.  They usually come with a mechanical skimmer box and a water fall filtration box.  Water gardens are stocked with a variety of water plants, including , but not limited to Water Lilies, Papyrus, Cana, Callas and Water Mint.  Koi Ponds are usually 4″ deep. They have bottom drains.  They employ concrete to retain the water.  They come with a back flushable bead filtration system and usually come with a  UV light. They don’t contain many plants and may have no plants.  The intent of a Koi Pond is to grow and maintain the biggest and healthiest Koi possible.  Crystal clear water clarity is a must for Koi ponds. Water gardens are intended for the pond owner to experience the garden “in the water”.  This means fish, plants, turtles, all life in a ecosystem where water clarity is secondary.

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