Aquatic Plants

What type of plants can I use in my pond and water garden?
Hardy Water Lilies
Tropical Water Lilies
Shallow water plants
Floating plants
Oxygenate plants
We have found that most plants can survive in the water with proper care

Care of Aquatic Plants
Aquatic plants are very tough and durable

How do I fertilize my aquatic plants
Commercial fertilizers are available, but unnecessary, since fish waste is generally all the food a water plant needs to thrive.  The inclusion of aquatic fertilizers may increase the algae in your pond.

Aquatic plants have many functions in a pond.  Besides providing beauty, pond plants convert ammonia from fish to nitrites, and then from nitrites to nitrates.  If you don’t have enough plants in your pond, algae blooms will occur.  Water lilies reduce algae by limiting the amount of sunlight that reaches the water.  The best pond/ plant balance is to have 2/3 of the surface covered with water plants.  Plants also give fish a place to hide, ensuring protection from predators such as Blue Beron.  Water lilies fall into two different categories hardy and tropical.  Hardy Water lilies grow in the middle of a pond.  Their flowers appear in summer they come in a rainbow of colors:  white, yellow, pink, peach, red, and variations of each.  They go dormant in winter and return in the spring.

Tropical water lilies open at dusk and stay open till mid morning and generally need very warm water to stay alive.  Shallow water of “marginal plants are typically placed in more shallow areas of the pond,  Hundreds of plants fall into this category including, Sweet Flag Cacorus, Golden sedge (carex stricta) , monkey flowers and creeping Jenny, Canna and papyrus are taller manginal plants.

Floating plants include duck weed, bladder wort, water soldier (stratiotes aloides) and water lettuce.

Oxgenator plants grow beneath the surface of the water and help bring oxygen to the water , which is beneficial for fish health.  This group includes Cabomba Carolinana, Water wisteria and Sagg harlatana. Water plants are easy to install and maintain they will definitely add new dimension to your pond