Pond Filters

Pond Filters have made many improvements in the last ten years.  Water gardens employ a “skimmer” technology which methodically skims out debris.  Filter pads will trap smaller debris and sediment.  The water fall filtration box will house a natural media which might consist of “filter silk” media or perhaps even lava rock.  Beneficial Bacteria uses such media to multiply in order to help achieve clear water.
Koi ponds generally use a back flush filter technology which results in the purest, cleanest, clearest water.
Both types of technology are valid and have their pros and cons. To help you decide which is best for you, feel free to contact Enviroscape for a low fee consultation to help determine which type of system is best for you and your pond.
We usually use skimmers manufactured by Pro-Eco products.  We determine which will be used according to a pond’s needs.
Waterfall Filtration Units:
We usually  recommend filtering systems manufactured by Pro-Eco products. http://www.proecoproducts.com

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