Sustainability or Regeneration?

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As I was working on my computer, I heard the doggie door slam and knew my cat “Soffee” was soon to join me on the couch.  I noticed her coming…with something in her mouth.  She brought me a “present”, there it was, trying to get away, or rather, slide away, she brought me a good sized alligator lizard!  I didn’t want to get bit, so I began taking off my shirt to throw on top of the lizard, so that I could take it outside without getting bit.  In the split second it took me to take off my shirt, Soffee had pulled off the tail and was playing with it in the split second it took to take off my shirt!  I threw my shirt over the lizard and as I was walking it outside, I began wondering how long it would take to regenerate or regrow its tail?  This poor lizard can live being short, but operates best with a long tail as this helps it balance itself.  The lizard would rather not “Sustain” a short body.
This illustrates the difference between “Sustainability” and “Regeneration”.  Sustainability is about sustaining or keeping something as it is, not improving or degrading it, rather, to keep it the same.  I would invite you to research what has happened to our planet in the past 80 years and when you do the research, you will find that many environmental challenges are changing our planet and some in the scientific community are saying we are heading toward an extinction event as respects the human race.
Regardless of the cause, our planet is in trouble.  Do we really want to Sustain a planet that is extremely polluted?  Or would we rather not “fix” the problem, which we can call “Regenerate” the planet?  
The lizard would rather Regenerate its tail, which means it would grow back its tail and become Whole again.  Our planet needs to heal and become Whole again, then we can Sustain the planet.  I used to think Sustainability was the answer.  Actually, a better view is that Regeneration, is the answer.  Now that we know the difference between Sustainability and Regeneration, What are the kinds of things we can do that can regenerate the planet?  Can we each make an individual difference toward our planet’s future?  Of course we can!  Regeneration is more than recycling.  While “Reduce, Reuse and Recycle” have a very important place in all of our lives, can we do more?  Yes! 
A great life begins with great health.  A healthy body can only come from healthy soil, because only healthy soil can produce healthy food.  Healthy soil goes beyond giving us a healthy body, in fact, healthy soil is the key ingredient in saving the planet from climate change.  The answer has always been beneath our feet, we just have to look hard enough.  Our next blog will consider how this is done.

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