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Rainwater Diversion Explained

Rainwater Diversion in Los Angeles Drive Way The ultimate Rainwater Diversion project is diverting rainwater underneath the driveway and this is explained by Enviroscape LA Founder Mike Garcia. Enviroscape LA offers environmental friendly, sustainable Landscape Design and Installation of Low Water Use native Garden, Waterfalls and Ponds. Installation of Drip Irrigation and Rainwater Harvesting Systems in Los Angeles, CA.   Sustainable Landscape Contractor Los Angeles Enviroscape LA is located in the

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Rainwater Diversion – Enviroscape LA

Enviroscape LA Rainwater harvesting

One of Los Angeles’ biggest environmental challenges is rainwater. Lack of it and yet, when it falls, it carries all the pollution on our roofs and streets to the ocean. Modern society, with all its advances in science, medicine and health can not seem to come up with something to magically cure the problem we have created and that is killing our ocean. In the beginning, it

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Preparing for EL NINO in LA

Thinking Sustainably and Preparing for El Nino by Mike Garcia, Enviroscape LA Mitigate the storm’s effect on our home and garden – AND – Divert and capture storm water to help our severe drought We are in a severe prolonged drought yet if El Niño comes this year an estimated 114 billion gallons of water we could be capturing is lost. Even with El Niño – we are

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Lawn Rebates….Good for California?

Thinking of tearing out your lawn?  Read this first! In in effort to save water, many Californians are taking advantage of lawn removal rebates, where the water company will pay you $2-$4.00 per square foot, to remove lawn and replace with native plants or synthetic lawn.  Hundreds of Millions of dollars have already been given out.  If this program continues to succeed, what will be the net

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Who is paying for lawn removal rebates? Is there a better way?

Drip Irrigation Manhattan Beach EnviroscapeLA

California is undergoing the worst drought of modern times. Many native Californians were under the impression that since water was relatively inexpensive and was always readily available, why was there a need to save water? There is an old saying that “you do not understand the value of water, until the well runs dry”. This is proving true in California. Governor Brown issues an historic mandate calling

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Sustainability in the New California

California’s Mega-Drought California is known as the “Golden State” because it seems to have it all. Beautiful weather, beautiful people, abundant jobs, food and fun. Seems the scene is quickly changing! California has faced many challenges in the past, but never the likes of the current situation which stands to brings things to a screeching halt. What challenging situation could cause the shine of gold to fade

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Is this global warming, or climate change?

California drought Enviroscape la

How To Save Water in the California Drought Now The American Southwest is experiencing long-term climate change. Temperatures are rising and rainfall in the region are decreasing.  The largest water reservoir in the state of California is….the snow on our mountains!  When winter snows descend upon the mountains, this snow melts in warmer months and provides us with a steady, dependable flow of much needed water in

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World Cup and Water

News headlines were all about the World cup this week. It only comes around every four years. One big story making headlines was the fact that many of the World’s top players adhere to the Muslim faith. Muslim faith calls for abstinence from drinking during a particular holy day. The holy day just so happened to fall on a day when Islamic players were scheduled to play

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How Sustainability can save the Planet  and Your Business As time goes forward, the world seems to be growing smaller. One major reason for this is modern communication. If you are old enough, you remember the time before cell phones, when you would come home from work and there would be 20-30 calls on the answering machine. It would take you a half hour to write them

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