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The Lowdown on Drip and Low-Volume Irrigation

Low-volume and drip irrigation components deliver water at slower rates but targeted to the right places. They use less water and are much better for plant material than conventional irrigation. Drip irrigation—the choice of a new generation? The demand for drip irrigation is growing. According to one contractor, a new group of homeowners is leading the charge. “Over the past five years or so, a new, very savvy bunch

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Getting Rid of Your Water-Guzzling Lawn

May 14, 10-11 am Mimi Andersen, Garden Magic Mike Garcia, Enviroscape Learn ways to kill your lawn and ready your new space for fall planting.  Lessen your dependence on imported water!  Be part of the solution: Remove your lawn and discover the aesthetic, economic and environmental benefits that lawn substitutes can bring.  Grass substitutes, drought tolerant groundcovers and underground water systems will be part of the discussion.

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