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Saving Water: Simple ways to hold on to the rain

With El Niño-related storms providing much-needed rain, why let it go down the drain? Angelenos can tap into the age-old practice of rainwater harvesting, a process that saves both water and money. Homeowners will have several opportunities this month to learn how to capture rainwater as experts and agencies gear up for a wet winter ahead. Techniques involve constructing property berms and swales (ditches built on the contour

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Rainwater Diversion – Enviroscape LA

Enviroscape LA Rainwater harvesting

One of Los Angeles’ biggest environmental challenges is rainwater. Lack of it and yet, when it falls, it carries all the pollution on our roofs and streets to the ocean. Modern society, with all its advances in science, medicine and health can not seem to come up with something to magically cure the problem we have created and that is killing our ocean. In the beginning, it

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Los Angeles Aeroponics

Organic gardening manhattan beach

[fusion_text] Grow good health with Aeroponics Grow your own organic vegetables, fruits, herbs and flowers EnviroscapeLA Founder Mike Garcia talks about the many reasons why Aeroponics organic gardening is far superior to anything else which grows seed to salad in less than a month.  A professional in Los Angeles gives organic gardening two thumbs up!!! Put a farmer’s market on your back porch Tower Garden® is a

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California Friendly Drought Tolerant Garden – Enviroscape LA

Native and drought tolerant garden and plants are important for Southern California not just because they are water efficient, but because they are the cornerstone of biological diversity and the foundations of the native ecosystems in our local Los Angeles environment. Using “California-friendly” plants for everything from backyard gardens to wide scale re-vegetation is a positive practice that will benefit the local habitat and all residents who live here. The

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Experience the Benefits of Rainwater Harvesting Systems

I wondered how we would enjoy this summer without our swimpond. We recently filled in our pool with rainwater harvesting tanks designed to save rainwater. We will use the saved rainwater harvesting system for irrigation water as needed. We kept the koi pond, and recently replaced the swimpond with a rainwater harvesting system. Two benefits of replacing our swim-pond with a rainwater harvesting system are lower monthly costs and

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Pond-trade Certification

As a water garden professional, nothing happens until I make a sale or get a contract signed. The art of making a sale is a process that includes building trust between myself and a potential client. Nobody does business until establishing trust. Part of the trust-building process includes establishing your credentials as a professional. What makes a person a professional? Education? Experience? Both? There is no doubt

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Going Green Can Help Deal with Recession

In view of the current world economic crisis, professional pond builders are experiencing the same economic challenges the world is facing. After being in business for many years, some recently closed their doors. I met a very talented pond builder out of Arkansas who closed shop and now works for a distributor. There are many more just like him. Many struggle to keep the doors open by

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