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Pollinator Gardens Role in Saving the Planet

What are Pollinators and what role do they play in helping keep our planet in balance?  Pollinators are bugs, birds and any creature that aids and assists in the pollination of plants.  Why is this so important?  Nature has set-up an intricate system of check and balances.   All plants (like people) do age and die.  If plants did not reproduce, they would die out in one generation. 

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Rainwater Diversion Explained

Rainwater Diversion in Los Angeles Drive Way The ultimate Rainwater Diversion project is diverting rainwater underneath the driveway and this is explained by Enviroscape LA Founder Mike Garcia. Enviroscape LA offers environmental friendly, sustainable Landscape Design and Installation of Low Water Use native Garden, Waterfalls and Ponds. Installation of Drip Irrigation and Rainwater Harvesting Systems in Los Angeles, CA.   Sustainable Landscape Contractor Los Angeles Enviroscape LA is located in the

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