The Social Network Media Phenomenon

The newest buzz around town involves the social media network. Whether or not you’ve participated on MySpace, you likely have heard of it as part of last year’s headlines regarding unusual happenings in the personal lives of its participants.What about Facebook and Twitter? It’s hard to grasp what kind of impact such media have, but they surely are forces with which to be reckoned. Every day these social media sites gain popularity, and some companies are using them for business promotion.

Over a year ago, a client invited me to link up with him on Facebook. I joined that day.

At first, I paid little attention to the site and only checked it once in a while. Then I received invitations from friends and clients alike, to join them as friends.

I leaned how to load photos on my site and added a plethora of award-winning jobs. Clients and friends sent rave reviews about the pictures.

The surprise of my life came when a former client called me and said that she loved the beautiful ponds we were building. She thought we only did landscaping. Based on what she saw on Facebook, she wanted me to build a pond, which we did.

How is it that I made thousands of dollars from posting work photos on the Internet? It seems like a magic box. I liken it to electricity. You don’t have to know how it works when you flip the switch, but when you do, the light turns on.

I don’t know what keeps people coming back to the social media, but they do. Have you found this to be the case with your business and the social media?

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