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Drip irrigation is easily adaptable for use in home gardening, commercial landscapes, agriculture, greenhouses, and nurseries. With drought in the news and water restrictions being enforced in some areas, conserving water and using it efficiently makes more sense than ever. With drip irrigation water is not wasted on non-growth areas and the plant root zone is maintained at its ideal moisture level.  It is generally less expensive to install than conventional subsurface PVC systems and uses much less water.We can help you put together the drip irrigation system that meets your watering needs. Drip irrigation is one of the most earth friendly irrigation practices around.- Mike Garcia, Founder of EnviroscapeLA.

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Drip Irrigation System Installation Los Angeles.
EnviroscapeLA Founder Mike Garcia talks about the new way to keep landscapes alive AND save water….Sub Surface drip irrigation. It prevents run off, saves water and is SUSTAINABLE!!!
This climate appropriate garden in Manhattan Beach was installed by EnviroscapeLA and features drip irrigation system installation.
Drip Irrigation
 sub surface Drip Irrigation – smart landscaping – water saving
 Sub Surface Drip Irrigation – Smart Landscaping #2
Drip Irrigation and Fertigation – water conservation
EnviroscapeLA Superintendant Louie Gamino discusses water saving methodologies in the landscape, such as drip irrigation for grass and plant selection
Underground Drip Irrigation System installed by Enviroscape L.A. Redondo Beach
Enviroscape LA Drip Irrigation System Installation at Manhatten Beach City Hall


EnviroscapeLA is the West Coast leader in sub-surface drip irrigation for turf grass. This video shows the elements of a successful drip irrigation system.


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